18-year-old Renaissance Girl and pro comic book creator Scary Peri Toth, as seen on TV, has been published in lots of comics for over a decade. Also known as Punk Rock Peri Picasso, she is regularly featured in Flint Comix & Entertainment. She Interviewed & Cartooned YouTube Premium's Cobra Kai, truTV's Impractical Jokers, Marky Ramone, Tony Todd, Anthony Michael Hall and Rowdy Roddy Piper, among many other celebrities. She also illustrated her comic character See-Thru-Baby with her art mentor Levi Krause for Night of the Living Dead classic film co-author John A. Russo in #42. On October 13th, 2018, See-Thru Baby's 15th Anniversary Party! book was released by Flint Comix and collects almost everything to date. As a martial artist/kickboxer, Scary Peri is a two-time world gold medalist (NLI), two-time world silver medalist (NLI & WKC), six-time world bronze medalist (NLI & WKC), four-time national gold medalist (WKC), four-time national silver medalist (WKC), two-time national bronze medalist (WKC) and 11-time state champion (MSKC & ATA). Recently, she has branched out into music. 5'10" 121lbs. John 3:16 (KJV)

2016 WKC National semi-final win in OT.


Scary Peri Toth Go-Ti Martial Arts Forearm Drills.


Scary Peri Toth

When she isn't meeting celebrities or traveling the world, Scary Peri Toth contributes to Flint Comix doing such comic characters as See-Thru-Baby and her celebrity Interviewed & Cartooned features. Flint Comix has an estimated readership of 30,000 plus. Signed comics can be purchased by PayPal payments to: . Thank you for your interest.

Flint Comix #42, 51, 88-100 signed by Scary Peri, $10 each postage included. Flint Comix #86 signed by Scary Peri, $30 each postage included (very limited). See-Thru Baby's 15th Anniversary Party! book available on eBay now. Please write a review, your support is appreciated.

Scary Peri Toth Go-Ti Martial Arts Demo 2018.